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Modern Customer Experience 2017

Report From the Front Line

July 20, 2017

The Second Channel: Chat

Here are recaps of two individual sessions at the conference. The first one featured a speech titled “Hollywood and the Real Impact of a Smarter CX” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor, filmmaker and online production entrepreneur. Gordon-Levitt, whose acting roles have received acclaim in the films “Inception” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” said the key to future marketing is personalization of content. The challenge is, how much can we increase variation that appeals to customers? He talked about actively sharing content but asked, how do producers view returns and what is the best structure for evaluating contributions?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The other session, titled “How Today’s Leading Brands Are Tackling Top Customer Service Challenges, hosted four guests: Boyd Beasley (ZeniMax Media Inc.), James Flatt (Denon & Marantz Holding), Darla Johnson (Panera Bread), and Amy Patel (Toyota USA). As representatives of different industries, all were asked what kind of media they expect to come next. Their chat-style responses were impressive. For improving CX, each preferred collecting VOC (voices of customers). Concerns included how quickly an “accurate customer voice” compiled from many touchpoints will influence a product, and how chatbots can grow “wiser” with AI. Questionnaires to get customer feedback appear to have had their day.

First Japanese Company Nominated for Markie Awards

Since 2007, the Markie Awards have recognized excellent performance in the global marketing industry. This year the 11th annual celebration of the most prestigious and longest-running awards presentation for modern B2B marketers was held during the “Modern Customer Experience 2017” in Las Vegas. Marketing supervisors from around the world were eligible to enter. This year the 17 categories for which awards were announced garnered more than 600 entries. The same company that creates the Emmy Awards designs Markie Award statues. The glamorous atmosphere of the Markie ceremony reminds one of the Emmys.

Best Digital Marketing Ecosystem, Best Testing and Optimization, and Best Use of Data were among the digital marketing awards categories. In the category of Account-Based Marketing Team of the Year, NEC was chosen as a finalist. It was the first time a Japanese company had been nominated for a Markie. With this achievement, Markie participants from Japan headed home determined to exhibit a greater presence on the digital marketing stage from now on. The reality of the hard fight on the job every day to boost CX was felt for three days in Las Vegas.

You can view details of “Modern Customer Experience 2017,” including session presentation content and videos of keynote speeches, on the event’s official website.

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