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Social Value Creation Report Safer Cities & Public Services

facilitated by digitalization
Urban development that enables sustainable economic growth

December 14, 2017

The population of the world continues to concentrate in cities as urbanization advances,with two thirds of all people predicted to live in urban areas by 2050.

The improvement of infrastructure to support the growth stage is an urgent issue in emerging countries, while the realization of new social models for the mature stage is a key issue in developed countries.

As urbanization advances, competition among cities for capital, companies, and human resources is also heating up globally, and economic disparities are widening.

Cities around the world are engaged in leveraging ICT to develop compelling urban spaces, and are undertaking a variety of projects to succeed against the competition.

Japan, an advanced country in tackling issues, is accelerating the government-led "Society 5.0" initiative to achieve a super-smart society that makes maximum use of digital technology.

To secure industry, employment, consumption, and financial resources, and to optimize these through the economic cycle model, it is important that future urban development lies in digitalizing urban functions and information as well as realizing a society that makes sustainable economic development possible.

This report discusses NEC's thoughts and initiatives on promoting a paradigm shift from existing social platforms that depend on hardware to the "Flexible social platform" based on data usage.

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