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Social Value Creation Report Industry Eco-System

Achieving through digitalization
Balancing efficiency demanded for supply chains with social responsibility

February 22, 2018

Supply chains present great complexity under globalization and changes in consumption styles linked to urbanization. At the same time, environmental issues, labor issues, and other social issues are cropping up in supply chains; thus companies need to improve business efficiency while facing calls to fulfill social responsibility. These demands come not only from companies but also from consumers, investors, and central governments.

Attention is now focused on creating transparent supply chains through digital technologies as a concrete measure to balance business efficiency with social responsibility. Initiatives have begun that seek to improve the sustainability of supply chains overall by making flows of goods and money, the safety of products and services, working environment, and many other factors visible. Drawing on examples from at home and across the globe, this report discusses the various social issues found in current supply chains, and the global initiatives and trends in resolving such issues, and further introduces NEC’s approach to handle both business efficiency and social responsibility while implementing transparent supply chains with the free use of advanced digital technologies.

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