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Creating new value with diverse partnerships across the globe

October 28, 2016

Maximizing the use of AI and IoT to create value for society and for our future

──What is NEC's area of strength in the creation of value through its global business?

At NEC we have highly reliable system construction supported by high-quality network technologies and OMCS* perfected over many years of experience in building large-scale domestic and international communication systems. NEC's major strength is its expertise and know-how from these experiences. We are confident of our abilities in the future global business, which is make future use of wireless networks like IoT.

We also offer a large array of No.1/Only 1 in the world AI technologies in the fields of Visualization, Analysis and Prescription. We hold high hopes for these world-renowned AI technologies to make significant contributions to the creation of new social value. NEC's unique, advanced AI technologies, such as security systems using its highly accurate facial recognition technology, predictive detection of failures in plants and facilities, and high-precision machine learning-based demand forecast, are contributing greatly to the creation of new social value.

──What are the future prospects for NEC's global business?

It is important that we increase the number of cutting-edge success stories in the three focus areas I discussed earlier. There are presently a stream of new examples emerging where NEC is providing advanced support all over the world, including in Singapore, Wellington in New Zealand and Santander in Spain. Because of these cases, customers say, “I want to partner with NEC on our projects.” Along with expanding on examples of our cutting-edge technologies, we are looking to enhance both our businesses and branding at the same time by maximizing NEC Group assets throughout the world under the One NEC banner.

──What things do you personally think are important as CGO?

For CGOs a mid-to-long term view is vital as it is our job to oversee all global business operations. I am required to make judgment calls and execute actions on the contributions we make to the company as a business unit, but I must also determine how we can continue to deliver value to customers and society as a whole on behalf of NEC.

──What kind of company is NEC aspiring to be through its global business?

I have always thought NEC should be more than just a provider of the ICT and network infrastructures that create new social values. It should be a company that is involved in the actual creation of these new values. We are looking to contribute to various countries and regions and offer a better future for our society through ICT that create the values of “Safety,” “Security,” “Efficiency” and “Equality.”

──Finally, what points do you pay attention to when building partnerships with customers around the world?

The first is to take the time and effort to meet my partners. When building partnerships I think it is important to meet people in person, face-to-face, to consider the deal from the other party's position and ascertain what they see as its value and/or merits. The second is to act immediately on an idea. The third, and this is something I've heeded for a long time now, is to make it a point to keep my word. These three points are key for building relationships of trust with people around the world. They remain the same even now that I am CGO.

* OMCS:Open Mission Critical System

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