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Creating new value with diverse partnerships across the globe

October 28, 2016

Working with people from countries and regions all over the world,
NEC is helping to solve wide-ranging issues and co-create social value.
NEC's CGO, Takayuki Morita, gives his thoughts on deploying Solutions for Society across the globe.

Delivering four social values—Safety, Security, Efficiency and Equality—to people all over the world

──Would you start by telling us about NEC's global business journey so far?

As Japan's first joint venture company with foreign capital, NEC has enjoyed a long and close relationship with global markets. We started exporting equipment for communications infrastructure in 1956, and ever since then NEC had been expanding business operations across the globe, exporting mainly broadcasting and communications equipment including microwave transmission equipment, to countries such as India, Taiwan and Mexico.

Before long NEC's business interests expanded into the areas of computers, semiconductors and software with the increased digitalization of communication network devices. Just as the challenges facing our customers and society in general have changed, our global business has also undertaken a major shift towards providing solutions to address these wide-ranging issues.

Takayuki Morita
Executive Vice President and
CGO (Chief Global Officer), NEC

──What value does NEC deliver to customers through its global business?

As an ICT vendor with the three advanced technological assets of computing, networks, and software, NEC is contributing to the creation of four important social values, “Safety,” “Security,” “Efficiency” and “Equality,” through the activities of our Solutions for Society business.

When he made the C&C Declaration in the 1970s, NEC's then-chairman Koji Kobayashi stated that he wished to use the integration of communications and computer technologies to improve the lives of people. He himself had traveled to more than 100 countries and developed overseas markets with top sales. NEC's stance has not wavered since — we remain genuinely committed to providing solutions for society that create value for everyone, and this will not change in the future.

──What do overseas customers or government organizations expect from NEC and what is their assessment of your performance?

Our customers, including the global carriers that deliver our products and services, see NEC as a highly trusted partner. A comment from an executive of a global telecommunications carrier in a country has remained with me. He said, “With its product quality, troubleshooting response, and staff and engineers who are sincerely dedicated to their jobs, NEC has never fallen short of our expectations.”

In the area of national-interest level communications infrastructure, we have earned a solid reputation among governments and international organizations for long-standing reliability and trouble-free operation of our fixed and wireless networks, which NEC provides to a number of countries. Our business partners also have high expectations of us, which we always try to exceed.

My role as CGO is to grow our three focus global business areas and strengthen relations with customers

──What global ventures is NEC developing at the moment?

NEC is presently developing business in a wide range of fields related to public safety, including communications infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and retail services, and transport and urban infrastructure. Our managed service business for public facilities, in which we combine a number of systems to deliver integrated services, is also growing rapidly.

For example, NEC's managed service deployed by the Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides total support for constructing and running an operations system that connects Australian embassies and foreign affairs centers inside and outside the country. Besides optimally managing ICT systems that connect more than 20,000 PCs and devices running worldwide, NEC is supporting a variety of the department's operations and services.

──What business areas is NEC especially focusing on for its global business?

Of our global activities, we are currently focusing on three business areas: global carrier networks, safety, and retail IT services. We are looking to expand operations in global carrier networks by offering technologies such as TOMS (Telecom Operations and Management Solutions) and network virtualization systems employing SDN (Software-Defined Networking) or NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), in addition to existing fixed and wireless technologies.

In the retail IT services arena, we are making use of our domestic experience and best practices to focus on the global promotion of a store concept that adopts IoT (Internet of Things) technology to maintain continuous 24-hour, 365 days-a-year operation. In the field of safety, we are working to deliver safety and security systems to the world market for airports, public facilities, and the like, from both the physical and cyber perspectives by leveraging technologies such as Face and Fingerprint Recognition and Video Surveillance.

──Please tell us about the fields you have been working in until now, and your role as CGO.

Until now, I have mainly been working to grow our global communications, semiconductor and computer businesses by building partnerships and alliances with other companies and by obtaining licenses.

I feel that my most important mission as CGO is to support global business expansion and speed up business promotion. My ultimate goal is to use my previous experience to build alliances with partners, further strengthen relationships with customers and international organizations, and grow NEC's brand image and presence. As CGO, in addition to introducing overseas customers and international organizations that want to transform their social infrastructure to NEC's track record in Solutions for Society and our broad range of offerings in areas such as our advanced AI technologies, I want to take the opportunity to actively offer innovative recommendations and proposals.

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