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Kunihiko Iwadare (left end), the founder of NEC, was the first Japanese who worked at Edison Machine Works, the predecessor of GE.

NEC and GE Digital Collaborate to Drive the Digital Transformation

January 31, 2017

Providing not functions but results to customers

──What efforts are NEC and GE engaged in?

Figure 3 Six themes NEC and GE are engage in
Larger view

We are first tackling six themes.
The first is using Predix in the supply chains of NEC solutions and services. The purpose is to increase operational excellence and reduce costs. Through experience in this project we will establish know-how on how to utilize Predix and how to integrate and optimize systems existing between Predix and customers. Finally, we want to provide end-to-end solutions by connecting Predix with backbone systems.
Second, we are providing several technologies from NEC's cutting-edge AI technology line-up "NEC the WISE" as micro-services on, the website for Predix developers, and expanding these services on a global scale as cloud services. We plan to first apply NEC's image recognition technologies.
Third, we are providing training services and fostering certified engineers. In FY2017 we will train about 100 engineers as Predix Certified Developers. We will gain training know-how from this effort, and expand by offering training to customers.
Fourth is providing maintenance services. We are establishing a system in which Japanese customers can deploy and run Predix with peace of mind by utilizing NEC's maintenance technologies and resources. NEC's services do not end after an NEC product is sold. We walk alongside our customers to the end and provide support so results are produced.
The fifth effort is providing cyber security for industries by integrating IT and OT, as Mr. Samuels discussed earlier.
Sixth, both NEC and GE are carrying out joint marketing that show our commitment to Predix-related "outcome" instead of "output" for our customers. By leveraging both NEC's know-how obtained from its own deployment and GE's know-how obtained from global customers, we will provide IoT solutions with new value to customers in Japan and around the world.

We don't have a vendor relationship with NEC; we have a partner relationship. In a partner relationship, we invest in the partner, nurture their personnel, and grow together. What NEC and GE Digital wish to provide to customers are not "IoT systems" but results. Our priority is to leverage our technologies to achieve results for customers, like improving productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing risks.

──I look forward to seeing how IoT solutions produced from a synthesis of NEC and GE will transform industries from here on.

Actually, NEC founder Kunihiko Iwadare worked with Thomas Edison as an engineer at Edison Machine Works, the predecessor of GE, for two years before establishing NEC. One-hundred twenty years later, NEC is playing a role with GE to support industries of the next era. I can't help but feel this is fate.
In Fourth Industrial Revolution currently underway, NEC is striving to become an even more indispensable company by thinking with GE and partnering with customers that are expanding their businesses globally and helping them leverage their achievements.

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